Our Shop

Forecourt and convenience store

The shop and forecourt is open:

Monday to Friday 6.15am to 8pm
Saturdays 8.00am to 6pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays 9.00am to 5pm

Our fuel is of a high quality with all additional additives within the fuel to help ensure your vehicle’s engine is maintained to a high standard.

Since opening the shop 10 years ago it has expanded to offer a wide variety of products and services. We are a Payzone outlet so customers can pay utility bills and purchase phone, electricity and gas top-ups. Recently we have installed a Hermes postal system so you can collect and send parcels at your convenience. You can purchase national lottery tickets and scratch cards.

As well as the usual everyday grocery necessities we stock:

Fresh bakery, dairy and other products. Wine beer and spirits.
Tobacco and vapouring products. Newspapers and magazines
Stamps, stationery and greeting cards. Frozen food and ready meals.
Takeaway items such as hot drinks, sandwiches, pies etc. Calour Gas and paraffin
Household cleaning products and toiletries Range of coal and logs

Animal Feed And Bedding

We stock many well-known high quality dog and cat food brands such as Beta, Skinners, Purina, Bearts etc.

Horse food and bedding include Bagley, Dengic, Bearts, Allen & Page and Dobson & Howell.
Poultry feed including layers meal and pellets, mixed corn, chicken blend mix as well as duck and goose food.
Wild birdmixed seeds, fat balls, etc.
We stock feed items for sheep, alpacas, goat and fish.

Fuel, Coal and Fire Wood

We stock a large variety of fuel forms, that you can collect from the forecourt. These include House Coal, Smokeless Coal, Smokeless Fire Logs, Kinderling, Kiln Dried Logs, Traditional Logs, Fire Lighters, along with Calor Gas and Parafine.

Within the shop we are also a “Payzone” provider and can top your Electric and Gas cards up to ensure you receive heating 24/7

Car Care and Maintenance

We stock a wide range of products including oils, bulbs, wiper blades, screen wash, additives, car cleaning products and much more. We have a jet wash and tyre pressure/air machine on site.